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“Maintain the career and family you’ve built and make travel a bigger part of your life! I’m happy to pull back the curtain and show you how.” – Kelliann ‘Kells’ McDonald, Curator

Travel Alchemy Masterclass is a community of passionate, adventurous women who have a deep desire to rediscover themselves and the world through travel. Together we will get in the right headspace, identify and soothe any barriers, and start planning a healing and transformative experience that makes the most of our time abroad. 


Hey, It’s Kells Here…

I created Travel Alchemy to support and encourage women of all backgrounds to follow their heart and explore the world. On this platform I will share lessons learned and personal stories that reveal just how transformative and illuminating travel has been in my life.

My outlook, love life, sense of self, and career all blossomed when I decided to follow my bliss and make travel a priority. I want that for you too and will share everything I wish someone would’ve told me!

I’m excited to pull back the curtain and reveal the inner details of how to create and maintain a confident travel-filled lifestyle. 

I’ll share resources, host events, lead group and individual sessions to help our masterclass members overcome barriers, release hesitancy, and create a travel transformation plan of action.

We are building a supportive community of like-minded women, creating a goof-proof roadmap, and venturing out confidently.

Stay connected and join us! Message me below or add your contact to the registration list above. The doors to our dream life open once we simply decide to say “YES!” 

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